Computer and Electronics Recycling Program

Allen residents can recycle computers and other electronics at two annual events. The Great American Cleanup is held in late April or early May. Allen Recycles Day is held in early November. For updates on these events, subscribe to email alerts from "Keep Allen Beautiful" or "Community Services."

Computer and Television Recycling
By state law, computer manufacturers who sell products in Texas are required to accept and recycle their equipment at no cost to consumers. Though the law does not apply to cell phones and other hand-held devices, many manufacturers have chosen to accept them for recycling nonetheless. Some manufacturers offer discounts on new products when you recycle your old device.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) makes it easy for consumers to recycle old computers or televisions. Visit or for more information. A number of Allen retailers also provide electronics recycling.

This educational video provides a closer look at how electronics and televisions are recycled. For more information about donating or recycling an old computer or other electronics, visit the EPA website.