Fountain Park Estates (PILOT)

Visit this webpage for the latest Fountain Park Estates project news and updates. If you have questions, email Senior Planner Barry Cram or call 214.509.4181.

Following input from residents, the City of Allen launched a pilot project to enhance the entryway feature located at Main Street and Roaring Springs Drive including updating the monument sign, hardscape and landscape.

For Non-HOA neighborhoods, the City recognizes there is no formal structure or funding mechanism to maintain shared spaces. In summer 2021, the City of Allen launched pilot projects for Fountain Park and Cottonwood Bend neighborhoods to enhance entryway features. The City assisted with some of the larger costs of these projects while neighborhood residents assist with volunteer labor, ongoing maintenance, and planning a neighborhood block party to celebrate the completion of the project.

Photo of finalized signage at Fountain Park Neighborhood

Project timeline

As of December 2022, this project is considered complete! Below is a summary of the steps taken to accomplish the project:

  • STEP ONE [COMPLETE]: Neighborhood meeting to collect feedback from residents
  • STEP TWO [COMPLETE]: City and Resident Committee finalize scope of project (work to be completed, City role, neighborhood role, timeline)
  • STEP THREE [COMPLETE]: Construction began in November 2022 and completed at the end of December. Landscaping will be installed as weather permits.
  • STEP FOUR [COMPLETE]: Block Party Celebration on Oct. 7! Although originally planned to celebrate the success of the project, due to delays in construction, the neighborhood held the Block Party before construction of the median.

Interactive Map of Fountain Park