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*These permit applications must be submitted online using Citizen Self Service (CSS). Learn how to use CSS

Trash and Recycling
City trash and recycling service is provided by Community Waste Disposal (CWD).

Interactive Map of Complexes in Allen
Use the interactive map below to find information on each complex.

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Multi-Family License

Multi-family dwelling complexes operating at least one year with three (3) or more dwelling units are required by ordinance to obtain and maintain a license. Licenses expire Dec. 31 of each calendar year and are renewed annually.

License applications are processed online only using Citizen Self Service (CSS). A licensing fee of $15 per dwelling unit must accompany the application.

If there is a change in ownership or complex name, complexes are required to submit a new license application and obtain a new license within 30 days after the change. No licensing fee will be charged for such change.

Management/owner responsibilities

  • Maintain the structures and premises in compliance with applicable city codes and ordinances
  • Maintain a valid Multi-Family License
  • Provide each tenant with a City of Allen Program Summary at the beginning of each lease signing
  • Attend Annual Training provided by the City 
  • Self-inspect the property and maintain inspection reports for a minimum of 3 years. Make reports available to City of Allen upon request.
  • Display required postings

City of Allen responsibilities

  • Perform inspections of the exterior and interior common areas
  • Provide the Program Summary to management
  • Provide Annual Training to management

Code Compliance Annual Inspection

An Annual Inspection is performed at all multi-family dwelling complexes operating at least one (1) year with three (3) or more dwelling units. Notifications of upcoming inspections will be sent at least 30 days prior to inspection date(s). A representative from the property must be available to escort inspectors throughout the entire inspection. Inspections are conducted on consecutive days between 9 a.m. and noon until complete.

Violations identified during the inspection are documented on an Inspection Report that is sent to the property manager/property owner for correction within a reasonable timeframe. The inspection consists of all exterior and common interior areas of the property.

In addition to the Annual Inspection, violations are proactively identified by staff and through citizen inquires. Typically, when violations are identified, the property owner and/or occupant are notified to correct the violation/s within an established time frame. Residents should contact the Code Compliance Division if they have any questions or need further clarification.

Resources for Annual Inspection

Annual Training

Each year the owner, manager or a designated representative for each licensed multi-family complex should attend training on City Code requirements and crime prevention as established by the director.

Training materials & details
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Watering Schedule
Water Conservation & Resource Management Plan